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The Northwest Halifax High School Marching Band


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In Memory of Mr. Erick G. Leak

Take it Back!

This marching band was originally known as The Northwest Viking Band. It started in 1976 under the direction of Mr. Faison. During this time there were all female drum majors.  Instead of dance girls there were rifle twirlers.  During his reign he taught seperte band programs at Eastman and William R. Davie High Schools. They would soon become middle schools which made Northwest Halifax High School a host to both communities. Proceeding many years of dedicatrion Mr. Faison stepped down which opened the door to Mr. Bill Woods. After many years of excellence he stepped down and Mr.Ellis served as the band director for one year. Mr. Erik Leak came onto play with a new addition to the program. An assitant band driector, Mr. Teicher Patterson. Mr. Leak attended Winston Salem State University and participated in  the ''Ultimate Experience'' Marching Band.  Mr. Patterson attended North Carolina Central University and was a member of the''Sound Machine'' Marching Band. When combing those two together they came together with the ''Ultimate Sound Machine''. In 2001, Mr. Leak stepped down because of health reasons. In 2002 the ''USM'' partciapted in the National High School High-Stepping Marching Band Championships. At the 2004 Northampton-East Band Competition this great marching band won it's first Grand Championship.

Our Mission

Our mission is to further promote the interests of our organization and our members to the community. We strive to make a difference by educating the public and expanding our reach.  The students of this organization lead successful and productive lives while and when the graduate from this program.

8492 Hwy 48, Littleton, North Carolina 27850
(252)586-4125 Band Office (252)586-7077